FSC Expeditions

Our exclusive logistics division is the result of more than a decade photographing large

predators around the globe. We run elite, tailor-made expeditions,  where Jorge  will be

your expedition leader documenting every step of the way.

Gray Whale Safari

January - March

The friendliest whales out there, constantly looking for human interaction. Gray whales undertake the longest migration in the animal kingdom every year. They migrate from the Arctic down to the only three lagoons in the world where they breed and give birth, all of them in Baja.

Blue & Mako Safari

March - June

Freedive in the open ocean with the cutest and the fastest sharks out there. If you are lucky enough, a smooth hammerhead or two will stop by to say hello.

Mobula Safari

May - August

The mobula rays gather in Baja every year in giant schools of 1,000+ individuals. It is still unkown if they jump out of the water for fun, to clean themselves from parasites, or to be noticed by the females as they fly 6ft above the surface.

Orca Safari

May - June


When the Mobulas are in town, the transient orcas from Baja gather close to shore to hunt them down. After studying their patterns, we have been able to set up the complicated logistics needed to have a better chance at an encounter.

Silky Safari

July - August


Dive in between schools of 20+ silky sharks in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Sea Lion Safari

September - May


Sail among some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as you get to Los Islotes, where you will be surrounded by the friendliest sea lion colony. On the way back, stop for lunch at a deserted beach in the majestic Espiritu Santo Island.

Marlin Safari

October - November


Venture 20 nautical miles into the Pacific as we spot for birds diving in the ocean where we will try to find sardine baitballs where a striped marlin feeding frenzy might be going on below the surface. Raw expedition at its best.

Humpback Safari

November - March


Witness the humpback whales as they teach their calves to breach out of the water before migrating back North.

Revillagigedo Liveaboard

November - June


Also known as the Mexican Galapagos, the Socorro Islands have been the Pacific’s hidden gem for a while now, and are home to the pacific giant manta, over 10 shark species, the indigenous Clarion angel fish, humpback whales, pilot whales, and the friendliest wild dolphins in the world.

Guadalupe Liveaboard

August - November


One mysterious island that seem to have a life of its own, and is also the best place for great white shark observation in the world. Guadalupe is also home to elephant seals, and the Guadalupe fur seal.

Anaconda & Jaguar Safari

August - September


Underwater encounters with the infamous green anaconda. Then, we fly on a Cessna deep inside the Pantanal rainforest, were we will cross the channels looking for jaguars, giant otter, capibara, and caiman.

American Crocodile

May - September


The american saltwater crocodile is the third largest crocodile in the world. In our remote location in the open ocean, conditions are perfect for underwater encounters and photography.

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