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Underwater and wildlife photographer, award-winning film producer, and eco-tourism activist, Jorge has been sharing his love for the ocean and its creatures for the past decade. He has worked hand in hand with fishing communities in Baja to develop open ocean tourism as an alternative to fishing and produced the award-winning documentary film México Pelágico. Jorge founded a major liveaboard and ocean safari operation where he also envisioned & designed one of the top liveaboard vessels in the world.


As an underwater photographer, Jorge has documented unique, never before seen marine behavior. Swimming along orcas while they hunt pelagic rays in the Sea of Cortez, lurking amongst crocodiles and anacondas alike, or freediving with great white sharks in Guadalupe Island are only some of the moments that Jorge captures in his images. His work has been featured by National Geographic, Wired, Ocean Geographic, Apple and Samsung, among many others.


A two-time TED speaker, Jorge has been an ambassador for Discovery Channel, Nauticam, The Outdoor Journal, Blancpain, and KIA. Founding Board Member when the Revillagigedo National Park was created in 2017 and a former Advisory Board Member at the Guadalupe Island Biosphere Reserve.

During COVID lockdown, Jorge co-produced and hosted The Hydrophone, a limited 10-episode podcast where he chats with award-winning cinematographers, conservationists, and other relevant figures of the ocean world.


In his most recent venture, Jorge founded the adventure travel firm Sherpa GX in 2023 with the purpose of sharing his love for the natural world through world class expeditions to the wildest places on Earth.


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